EMEA VAT Selection Process No Value when using Reporting Type as Legal Entity

Module: Payables

Oracle Version: Oracle R12

Error Message:

There is no error message but when the log file is looked at, no records are inserted into the JJ_JG_VAT_TRX_DETAILS table. “Record successfully inserted = 0”

And the log file shows no records selected.

Whereas if we run the same report using Ledger as the Reporting Type.

We do get an output.

Cause of Issue:

The issue was caused because the Tax registration was added after the transactions had been entered. This meant that the transaction had not been updated with the correct LE VAT/GST registration ID.

When we entered a new transaction, this transaction then appeared on the output.


Ensure that the Tax Registration details have been set up before you enter any transactions. When this is not possible, then for the tax period that the tax registration was set up in, use the reporting type as Ledger. You can then switch to Legal Entity at a later date.

There is no danger of using Ledger instead of Legal entity. The Reporting Level of BSV and Ledger was designed to pick up data when a solution has upgraded from 11i to R12 because the 11i data was not linked to any Legal Entity (Legal Entity concept was new to R12). If you have done a fresh install then the Legal Entity Reporting Level is the optimal value to se.


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