HZ_ORGANIZATION_PROFILES record cannot be locked as it has been updated by another user

Module: Payables

Oracle Version: Oracle R12

Error Message:

This record in table HZ_ORGANIZATION_PROFILES cannot be locked as it has been updated by another user.

Cause of Issue:

The issue is because data was not cleansed before it was migrated meaning that incorrect values were loaded that completely by-passed the validation process.

The image below shows 2 VAT registration values that had been migrated into the system.

The issue is that the Registration Number used would not get validated had it been entered through the front end. As a result, when the record is updated it is causing the issue seen in the next step.


To resolve the issue, you need to go to the ‘Tax Manager’ responsibility, then Parties > Party Tax Profiles. Then use ‘Third Party’ or ‘Third Party Site’ as the party type and enter the supplier or customer name in the ‘Party Name’ field.

Click ‘Go’. And then the ‘Update Tax Profile’.

Go to the ‘Tax Registration’ tab and find the migrated tax registrations and click update on them as shown in the next image.

Use the same date for the ‘Effective from’ as used in the ‘Effective to’ date.

Repeat for the other Registration.


  1. Sainadh

    i am facing the same error with hz_locations .Please answer

    • Andrew Bohnet


      Not sure what you want an answer to. can you please elaborate what you actually want that this not already answered?


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