Italian localisation sequencing missing

Module: Payables

Oracle Version: Oracle R12

Error Message:

“APP-FND-01702: An assignment does not exist for these parameters and one is mandatory.
Cause: The profile options Sequential Numbering is defined to have sequential numbering always used. The current set of parameters does not have a sequence assigned.”

Cause of Issue:

VAT setup for Italy requires sequential numbering to be assigned. You need to make sure that the correct set up and sequences are in place. Often, sequence numbers are end dated for each year so check to see if the new sequence numbers have not yet been set up.


Check with your system administrator to get the sequential numbers set up and then assign the document sequence to the ‘EMEA VAT Reporting Entities Setup for Italian localisations. Find your Italian registration and then go to the ‘VAT Register’.

Once in the VAT register, add your sequence numbers.


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