If you get the following error;

Oracle tax r12

The same tax conditions already exist in another tax condition set

Row 3 Error – The same tax conditions already exist in another tax condition set: CA S2 NULL B2 BC within this determining factor set. Please update the tax conditions to differentiate the details from the existing record.





You have either duplicated your condition set as the error indicates or you have simply been caught up in an Oracle bug!

To get around the issue, you have to do a little trick, the steps are as follows.

1. Enter the tax condition and save your work – you will get the error.

oracle r12 save complete

You get the error


2. Set all values to be disabled to allow you to at least save the condition

Oracle R12 eBTax

Click on all the Ignore conditions


3. Click to any other tax category other than ‘Tax Condition Set’. So for example click on the ‘Tax Formulas’


4. Now click back to ‘Tax Conditions’ where you were before.


5. re-query your condition as sown above and click on update.

6. update condition again, you get same error

Oracle tax r12

7. But instead of changing the value back so the ignore condition is selected on every line, click cancel, this returns you top the previous screen

oracle r128. click update again (do not refresh)

9. make your corrections as before.

Oracle R12 etax conditions

10. Save the Condition and you will see that is updates successfully.

oracle tax condition complete

11. This time it is successful!


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