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First we gave you a fully automated tax solution covering the majority of tax rules required for each of your tax regimes.
Then we automated the rollout with our eBTax Rapid Install™ tool – slashing more than 100 days of configuration time to just 15 minutes. Then we provided a suite of reports, tax analytics, training videos and user guides. Still this did not suit every project. Now we have introduced eBTax Rapid Install™ Lite.

Introducing eBTax Rapid Install™ Lite

A simplified Tax Classification Code-only solution but linked to tax rules. We provide all the tax codes you would get with our full solution but only the rules to drive the tax from the tax classification code used, much in the same way you would have done in 11i.

It is ideal if you need a quick solution or have done an upgrade and want something to replace the upgraded tax solution that does not involve changing your business processes. The main advantage is that when you do realise the benefits of a fully automated solution, we can load the remaining tax logic right on top!

The benefits of the eBTax Rapid Install™ Lite solution

  • The most cost effective option on the market, you cannot do it cheaper.
  • Global Solution.
  • More than 100 countries already configured.
  • Completely upgradable to our full automated solution.
  • Expert advice on hand for all your eBTax requirements.
eBTax Rapid Install™ Oracle Support Policy

Access the full support policy documentation here.