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Our primary focus is to reduce complexity, lower costs and minimise the risk of non-compliance for customers. To enable us to achieve the level of detail and structure in our Oracle eBusiness Tax solution we utilise our eBTax Rapid Install™ tool that allows us to install and maintain your tax solution in a fraction of the time it would take manually. This extended support policy gives our customers assurance that their Oracle solution will be protected and supported for any eBTax issue. Innovate Tax is committed to its customers’ success and supports their choice to run Oracle software using automated and complaint tax.

Expanded support

Innovate Tax is committed to the success of its customers in deploying a simplified, reduced risk, cost-effective and automated indirect tax solution. To further this we recently announced expanded support for Oracle technical issues with the Innovate Tax eBTax Rapid Install™ tool driven by our customers’ choice to deploy fully automated global eBTax solutions with Innovate Taxs’ products.

This expanded support is targeted at Oracle eBTax issues that are related to any configuration done either manually or deployed by the eBTax Rapid Install™ tool – providing:

  • The configuration was done by Innovate Tax with no other third party involvement.
  • The issue is related to configuration done by Innovate Tax.
  • This is for configuration of a tax regime created by Innovate Tax.
  • Issue happened within the 3-month warranty period after the go live or while under a support contract with Innovate Tax.

Innovate Tax Oracle Support provides customers the following new advantages as part of the existing Support and Subscription contract at no additional charge:

  •  Total ownership of Oracle technical issues reported to Innovate Tax Support that are as a result of configuration undertaken by Innovate Tax.
  • Initial assessment of any issue related to eBTax configuration or transactions with indirect tax-related issues.
  • Access to a team of Oracle technical resources within Innovate Tax Support to troubleshoot Oracle eBTax issues.
  • Faster resolution of technical issues in Innovate Taxs’ environments should the issue be reproducible

In addition to technical assistance Innovate Tax Support will advocate on the customer’s behalf to:

  •  Provide any relevant evidence to support an Oracle service request.
  • Engage Oracle Support in resolving the customer’s technical issue, escalating management attention as appropriate.
  • Provide severity 1 service request after hours support where necessary.