Oracle Issue Resolution

This section provides support to errors that can occur to Oracle eBusiness Tax and Fusion Tax. In the event that a particular item is not listed, please contact us here to inquire if we have this available.

Oracle R12 – Procure to Pay (P2P)

Header level control tax amount is not equal to 0

The error message “Payables could not calculate tax due to: The system cannot prorate this tax amount because the header level control tax amount is not equal to 0, but the total calculated tax amount for this transaction is 0.

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Currency Exchange rates have not been set for the Tax Currency

The invoice has a currency of XAF, the ledger has a currency of GBP and the tax has a currency of AOA. Whilst there may be corporate exchange rate between GBP and XAF, because the tax needs to record the AOA (tax currency) as well, an exchange rate between AOA and XAF also needs to be created.

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Italian localisation sequencing missing

VAT setup for Italy requires sequential numbering to be assigned. You need to make sure that the correct set up and sequences are in place. Often, sequence numbers are end dated for each year so check to see if the new sequence numbers have not yet been set up.

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Tax Rate Does Not Exist

This issue is caused when the tax rate or status no longer exists and the tax rules are trying to return the missing value. A Tax rate may have been deleted through the front end before the tax rule was end dated or a tax status may have been deleted from the tables without correcting the tax rules.

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No Tax Calculation in Payables

Clash of Configuration Owner Options – when there are two different set ups active for Payables the system will not know where to look to get the tax information and therefore won’t calculate tax

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Tax only invoice for Non Recoverable Account

Non recoverable tax takes the GL account code string from the expense line entered. A tax only line is still recoverable yet there is no expense line! So Oracle errors as it is trying to create a non-recoverable tax line even though the amount is zero!

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Oracle R12 – Orders to Cash (O2C)

Cannot enter receivables invoice due to tax jurisdiction error

Jurisdiction based tax regimes use the address to determine the tax rate. Only a few countries like the United States of America use a jurisdictional based tax solution. The reason for the error is that you are using a customer that has an address in the USA. In order for Sales or Use tax to be calculated in oracle for a US operating unit, all the addresses used by customers have to be validated. If you allowed a free form entry of an address and accidently put Texxis instead of Texas for the state then the system would not know what the state was and so not state tax would be determined. To ensure the correct tax is recorded each and every time, the system has the ability t validate the address and the address validation is set to be on by default.

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Oracle R12 – Reporting

GCC VAT Oracle Learning Series

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