What your invoice needs to show to be VAT compliant in the UAE

Andrew Bohnet lists the what your invoice needs to show to be VAT compliant in the United Arab Emirates.


Advance payments & VAT compliancy in the UAE

When charging advance payments you can choose several solutions to remain VAT compliant. One is to change the advance payment into an official tax invoice. An other is to accept to pay the 5% tax on the advance payment yourself until you can officially charge the full VAT through the end – invoice.


VAT handling stays quite simple for many companies in the United Arab Emirates

Tax rules were designed to cover every business situation and the most complex operations – making them rather complex. For small company owners however it may not be as complicated to be VAT compliant as it may initially seem to them.

Tax solutions

Andrew Bohnet explains why companies with Oracle application choose his services to prepare for VAT.

Just like one would want the best surgeon with the best tools to treat a heart disease, you would want a tax specialist with all the knowledge and the smartest tools to set up your tax system.


Andrew Bohnet – awards for tax technology that speeds up implementation processes

With their latest innovations Innovate Tax managed to implement their system in 137 countries within 3 to 4 days for their client.

Another technology they innovated was the immediate analytics tool, warning users for potential mistakes. This tool saves companies money, time and struggles with tax authorities by dealing with issues before reports are made and submitted rather than months after – when financial facts and details may be hard to recover.


Gulf Cooperation Council goes from No tax to Value Added Tax

Rani Abu-Shaar, General Manager of AppsPro, discusses the introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the 1st of January 2018.


VAT is not easy – Andrew Bohnet explains the complexities of VAT in the GCC

Andrew Bohnet, Managing Director of Innovate Tax and Anas Al-Ansary, Sales Manager at AppsPro discuss how the introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) in January 2018 will impact business in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other regions of the GCC and what they can do now to prepare.


Helping to introduce Oracle Tax Automation in the GCC

Kanakendu Chattorjee (KC), Director of Digital Transformation at AppsPro talks with Nathan Farmer, Global Sales Director at Innovate Tax about the current landscape and forecasted challenges running into 2018.


Tax Compliance Manager Tool demonstration.

Quite simply, TCM (Tax Compliance Manager Tool) is a game changer for the Indirect Tax world. It is a compliance and analytic tool that focuses on data in real-time.