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Our global multi award-winning team provides an unparalleled service to give you a complete automated end-to-end Indirect Tax solution.

By its very definition, the word ‘consultation’ means “to provide expert or professional advice” and that is exactly what Innovate Tax provides in the areas of ‘Oracle eBusiness Tax’ (eBTax) and ‘Oracle Fusion Tax’ now known as Oracle Cloud.

We provide an unbeatable service when it comes to Oracle Financials eBTax integration. We understand the limits of the eBTax module but more importantly, when those limits are reached, we know how to work around the issue with proven solutions to meet your needs.

We have international team alliances and partnerships to ensure we can meet your every requirement when it comes to implementing a global Indirect Tax solution.

Why our approach is different

Tax is Tax! It does not matter how your overall system architecture has been designed, tax is not determined by your company but by the countries that collect the tax.  As a result we have developed a best practice approach for the configuration of the Oracle eBTax module that provides an 80% fit right out of the box!

Our strap line is ‘Compliance without Compromise’ and we mean that. We won’t put in a sub-standard solution to make a quick buck. We work hard to ensure our clients are given a solution that can provde total compliance. We are able to do this because we already have the solution. We have tools like our ‘eBTax Rapid Install Tool’ that will save 98% in configuration time. We can deliver a full solution cost effectively in record time.

Tax is complex

The laws of indirect taxation and the Oracle Tax module are very complex. To create a robust and comprehensive solution takes time and an understanding of all the possible determinable results in the form of the correct tax rate charged. Frequently, however, the tax rate in itself is often not sufficient with additional reporting requirements needed for certain tax outcomes.

Exemptions and exceptions to the tax rules need to be factored in and a complete solution, even if designed, will physically take days in configuration time. Our consultants are experts. We know tax and and we know Oracle. We can translate between these two worlds.  We look at all possible impacts a new requirement may have, not just within that tax regime but on a global scale. With us, the complex becomes easy.

eTax Advisory Services

Poor solution design is the second biggest cause of tax setup issues in your Oracle ERP system. Too often a solution architect has not fully considered or understood the impact of the design and how its integrates with the tax system.

By bringing Innovate Tax onto the project at the earliest stages, we can work with your solution architect to optimize the design around your Indirect Tax requirements. We can provide immediate advice on how tax issues that will be created due to specific design requirements can be remedied.

While getting us in early is best, we can offer advice at any stage and as one of our clients said who had a very established Oracle eBTax solution, “you offered us ideas that we had not even thought of”. We use our huge experience and our logical and creative approach to look at issues differently to get a solution that works now and in the future.

Integrated Oracle Tax Solutions

Innovate Tax brings a ‘best practice’ solution born out of numerous eTax implementations. We can provide an immediate working solution that you can start testing.  After providing the ‘80%’, we will meet the remaining ‘20%’ that is requirement specific to your company and industry. Our design is based on how you want the tax reported and making the solution as automated as possible with minimal, yet simple user intervention.

This provides an almost future proof solution which is repeatable, scalable, portable and easy to maintain. Often, Oracle is not the only application used. Many companies use a billing system or Invoice scanning solution that have to interact or interface into Oracle. As Oracle consultants, we know the best way to interface any third party into Oracle. We can maximise the Tax functionality to keep a level of automation where third party products are often very manually intensive for tax entry.