Our Solutions

We have developed recognisable IP to handle the common and sometimes not so common issues found with Oracle and the Indirect Tax solution. Whether it is an issue with Triangulation Tax, Drop Shipments, Bonded Warehouses or even the dreaded Tennessee Single Article Tax rule, we have the work around.

What’s more, when we have to enhance Oracle we never change the code of the tax engine. Our approach is simply to take data from where the tax engine cannot see it to a place the tax engine can, so all the tax logic is standard functionality. The best bit is that most of our solutions are part of our fixed price offering, giving you peace of mind that however big the problem, your costs don’t change.

Explore our Solutions:

Global Tax Solution

An Indirect Tax solution should be about achieving total compliance. Ours does, but we also can provide $600,000 in savings per year!

US Sales Tax Solution

Fully automated and fully supported. The most cost effective Oracle Indirect Tax solution on the market built for Oracle because it is Oracle.

GCC VAT Solution

Automated VAT for Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE that can be implemented in less than a week.

Indian GST Solution

Fully automated and supported for both P2P and O2C, available on Oracle R12 or Oracle Cloud and fixed price for a limited time only.

EMEA Tax Solution

Fully automated with live reporting data, providing a cost effective and time efficient way to manage your EMEA tax determination. Available on Oracle R12 or Oracle Cloud.

Tennessee Single Article

Most people say this cannot be done in Oracle. We are not most people. Fully automated without customising the tax engine.

Fusion (Cloud) Reporting

Our unique approach and unique tax ‘Chart of Accounts’ means we can provide multiple reports using Oracles Tax Box Allocations.

Environmental Taxes

Oracle R12 eBTax and Fusion/Cloud are not just for VAT, GST or Sales and Use tax – we can automate your environmental taxes too.

EU Triangulation Tax

With our solution, Triangulation Tax is fully automated in Oracle and we ensure the correct message is printed on your invoice.

Bonded Warehouses

There is no standard Oracle solution to handle the tax on items held in a bonded state. Our solution automates this process.

Drop Shipments

There is a known issue with drop shipments due to the ship-to location belonging to a different OU. We have fully automated this process.

AP Interfaces

Our tax logic acts as the final firewall when importing into Oracle Payables. We recalculate the tax to stop issues without changing the values.

AGIS (Intercompany)

Full automation of tax for any intercompany transaction – domestic or international – with multiple tax rates possible if required.

DFF & Freight Incoterms

The Oracle Tax engine fully supports the ability to determine tax from a DFF value, a Freight Incoterm or even a forms personalisation

Automating Tax from Freight Incoterms

Calculating VAT/GST from your Freight Incoterms for full tax automation.

Withholding Tax (WHT)

While not technically tax (it’s the withholding of payment related to tax) we can automate the amount in AP (R12) or in the tax module (Cloud).


Indirect Tax on leasing is more complex than standard transactions so our solution has been designed to work from the Leasing module.

Oracle Projects Module

Automate the tax from the Projects module independently from the items being sold. Classify the project itself of individual expenditure types.