Webinar – How will VAT in the GCC Impact your ERP System?

Event: GCC VAT webinar
Event Date: Wednesday 17th May, 2017
Event Time: 11:00am & 18:00pm BST (GMT +1)
Location: Online Webinar

Following the great success and an overwhelming response to our first GCC VAT webinar held on 10th May 2017, Innovate Tax will be presenting a repeat of this webinar on Wednesday 17th May at both 11:00am and 18:00pm BST (GMT +1).

To be hosted in association with the GCC VAT Forum, this webinar is the first in a series of webinars focused on the introduction of VAT within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Looking at what this means for Oracle, SAP, Workday, JD Edwards and Netsuite ERP users and the impact we can expect with your ERP implementations.

For an brief introduction into the topics discussed and raised, please take a look at the official Questions and Answers presented during this first session.

Whether you are a multinational company or business based in the Gulf, this series of webinars aims to provide you with what you need to know and what you can do to get your ERP solution ready before January 2018.

This webinar will cover key VAT issues and their implications for the GCC region:

  • Who can register and charge VAT?
  • Custom applications.
  • Will you need a tax engine? (Avalara, OneSource, Vertex, Oracle, Sovos)
  • Where is the Place of Supply for goods and services?
  • What happens to the existing Free Zones?
  • What are the implications of Zero-Rated, Exempt and Out-of-Scope transactions?
  • Why reverse charge VAT?
  • How and when to recover VAT?
  • What about bad-debt VAT relief?
  • How to report tax from an ERP?
  • Applying correct address formats.
  • What to look out for?
  • What you can do right now!


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