Our Products

Our company mission statement is: “To provide the best end-to-end Indirect Tax solution on any Oracle platform, always innovating, always delivering.” This is something we are very passionate about and the determination of the tax is only part of our story. We have built a range of Products that:

  • Allow us to implement a fully automated global Oracle Indirect Tax solution faster than anyone else in the market.
  • Enhanced reporting including tax returns, SAF-T, MOSS and configuration reports.
  • Real time tax analytics and compliance – for the first time, a solution that tells the tax team where the issues are within seconds of them being entered.
  • Direct from Oracle tax returns prepared and interfaced to the authorities.
  • Item tax management tool.
  • Automated Tax adjustment module.
  • Tax API – connect Salesforce.com to Oracle and let Oracle determine your tax.

eBTax Rapid Install

Find out how you can save 98% in configuration time and have 37 countries ready for testing in just three days from starting the project.

eBTax Rapid Install Lite

This is our eBTax Rapid Install tool cut down to basics. We designed this to be the fastest and most cost effective tax solution on the market.


Quite simply, TCM (Tax Compliance Manager Tool) is a game changer for the Indirect Tax world. It is a compliance and analytic tool that focuses on data in real-time.


Enhanced tax reporting that surpass those offered by Oracle. Designed on our award winning tax solution, we get the most out of your data.

MOSS Solution

Fully automated MOSS solution (Mini One Stop Shop) embedded in our global offering including enhanced MOSS reporting for MOSS returns direct from Oracle.

Inventory Item Tax Codes

You don’t even have to be using our solution to benefit from this tool, works with third party tax engine classifications for easy management.

Auto Tax Adjustment

Want to automate the corrections of VAT or GST on bad debt (transactions older than six months) this tool tracks and makes the adjustments for you.

Oracle Tax API

One Tax Engine. One source of truth. One place to maintain your tax logic. Our API allows tax to be determined in your third party systems.